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We are here to help you increase revenue, reduce rejection errors and to successfully collect outstanding patient and insurance balances

drwsprdeniedIn an era of heightened regulations, tightened budgets, government reform and decreased carrier payouts, the constant balance between providing quality patient care and managing a profitable medical practice has become difficult to maintain. While medical advances are allowing physicians to provide better care, the ever-changing healthcare industry sometimes creates hurdles that impede a provider’s financial success. This begs the question for all physicians: Who is taking care of me when I am taking care of my patients?

Prompt and precise billing is imperative to any medical practice. Managing your revenue cycle can be tedious but must be done. Instead of hiring and training an additional employee to oversee your medical billing, hire SMSO to manage your revenue cycle.

Specialty Management Services of Ouachita handles all aspects of your practice’s billing needs including charge data entry, payment posting, electronic and paper claim filing, insurance follow up, secondary and tertiary claim filing, patient statements, appeals, patient billing questions, and collections.

Best of all, the SMSO consulting staff average more than 20 years of industry experience and leadership.



It is vital to constantly manage your billing and revenue services. If any of these operations fail, you may face substantial revenue losses as a result. Let SMSO’s team manage these functions for you. Outsourcing these services to SMSO is efficient because our staff:

  • Provides administrative support
  • Ensures you will not experience any delayed billing
  • Catches coding errors and inaccurate patient information before claims are submitted
  • Leverages the cloud capabilities to save you time and money
  • Dedicates time and expertise to small healthcare providers and shares those proven solutions with you