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SMSO has the operational experience you need. We know how to innovate.


SMSO combines decades of expertise to return your practice to financial viability and success.


We provide intuitive solutions that allow hospitals to manage more effectively and efficiently, which leads to increased sustainability and improved patient care.


Whether your healthcare organization requires short or long term strategic measures and management, SMSO will help you navigate your future.


To meet these challenges the SMSO Consulting Team will work with you to identify and implement proven solutions for improvements.

Practice Management

  • Present benchmark comparisons to peer hospitals
  • Develop a profitable business plan
  • Improve billing and revenue cycle management
  • Discover areas to increase operational productivity
  • Create staffing structure
  • Oversee human resources
  • Ensure compliance related to federal & state regulations
  • Establish risk management and insurance processes
  • Supervise materials management systems

At SMSO, we have a dedicated staff ready to process claims, answer your patient inquiries and follow-up on outstanding claims. Our staff will service your billing needs and allow you to focus on your primary concern, patient care.

Small Hospital Services

  • Capital needs, including physical plant and technology
  • Financial performance
  • Volume, charges and costs to distinguish profitable and unprofitable services
  • Current debt and the ability to attain additional debt for future enhancements
  • Physician/medical staff relationships, including employment and contracts
  • Quality, as determined by process and outcome-based measures, readmission rates, infection rates, and HCAHPS scores
  • Market characteristics, including state and local economic performance and healthcare needs

Today’s healthcare environment calls for a new business model, which can be a more burdensome task for small physician practices and rural healthcare facilities. To meet these challenges and build a foundation for strategic growth and innovation, SMSO will assess your facility’s growth strategy.


Information Systems

  • Implement, manage, and provide training for software and technology systems, including meaningful use
  • Conduct evaluations of IT systems and hardware
  • Identify and recommend appropriate security and backup hardware/software
  • Offer contracted help desk support for hardware/software
  • Create system for Electronic Health Record management
  • Provide encrypted email services through the Cloud, which will lower maintenance cost and add security
  • Perform internal & external penetration & vulnerability testing

Utilize the knowledge and experience of SMSO to realize cost reductions and increase business efficiencies in your practice. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain long-term client relationships. SMSO IT Services empower people, processes and performance.

We Offer More Than Just Claims Management.

Revenue Cycle Management

Do you want to strategically improve all aspects of your revenue cycle from beginning to end? In today’s environment with declining reimbursement and rising costs, it’s critical to manage the revenue cycle process effectively from start to finish

As administrative hassles and other hurdles to getting paid continue to rise, Specialty Management Services of Ouachita can help you reduce the burden on your practice and avoid leaving money on the table.

SMSO understands that each organization has its own individual and unique challenges and we are prepared to customize workflows and processes to meet your needs. With our experienced team of professional billing staff we can show you how to save time, cut costs, and recover accurate reimbursements.

Partner with a Team of Medical Coding Services Professionals

Medical Coding Service

We offer Medical Coding Services to help you optimize your reimbursement and enhance your productivity. SMSO offers services to help maximize workflow, enhance productivity, improve revenue, realize cost savings and increase compliance.

We are absolutely committed to consistently providing our clients with nothing less than the finest medical record coding support available. We provide fully compliant coding, with industry leading turnaround time and accuracy, while ensuring optimal reimbursement.

Every practice can benefit from medical coding services. Your practice’s coding strategy most likely fits within one of two categories; either you are losing money on reimbursements because you are undercoding or you are putting yourself at risk for an audit by overcoding.

Tired of Looking for the Right IT Support for your Private Practice

Medical IT Support

Specialty Management Services of Ouachita provides superior physician medical office technology services and hardware support, simplifying processes and saving practices money through all aspects of your medical office support systems.

SMSO can provide advice on technologies to support your practice. From the application server that serves up your practice management software to the workstations that support daily operations, we can provide the highest level of troubleshooting and support for all practice needs. In addition, we can secure systems from outside access to protect your practice and patient information.

In today's practice environment, Internet and Email are an integral part of daily operations. Don't wait until a virus or worm disrupts your practice and causes costly computer operating system damage. SMSO provides expert recommendations on the latest business level anti-virus protection and encryption.

SMSO has the Education and Tools to Help you Attest for Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use

The Stage 2 Meaningful Use rule was adopted as part of a series of regulations implementing the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. Under that law, doctors, healthcare professionals and hospitals can qualify for Medicare and Medicaid incentive payments when they adopt and meaningfully use certified electronic health record (EHR) technology.

The HITECH Act also imposes Medicare payment penalties on providers who don’t meet meaningful use standards by the year 2015.

ICD-10 Training for Transition and Implementation

ICD-10 transition

The healthcare industry is preparing for monumental changes as it transitions toward implementing the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, also known as ICD-10.

ICD-10 transition services help prevent revenue loss and cash flow slow down.

As a result of coding and transaction standard changes, physicians and healthcare executives will need to address several business issues in order to adhere to new code set and minimize any disruption of care services.

Helping Physicians Provide Excellence in Patient Care with Leading Technology